Friday, August 3, 2018

For only $25 I can design the cover of your book!

You write the wording for the front and back cover and supply photos or art desired. If you don't have an idea for a graphic, I can whip something up based on an idea. The completed book cover I design will be the correct format, dpi, and size to upload on CreateSpace or The Book Patch. It leaves nothing for you to worry about. The trim areas will be correct, and if the book has a spine, it will be centered perfectly. I design book covers for all genres, fiction, non-fiction, romance, history, YA chapter books, Children's books and more! Contact me, Kevin Collier, at

(Only after your cover is completed, meets with your approval, and is emailed to you!)

See the covers I have created for my books below!

All of the book covers below I created in Adobe Photoshop from scratch, using art or photo elements, and choosing attractive fonts and point sizes. These titles can be found on Amazon. Images displayed are full covers, front and back, as one file. 


A book about actor Tim Matheson and his voices for cartoons.
A book about the 1925 silent film classic "The Bat"
A Christian love story for young readers
A book on silent film horror star Lon Chaney
A book about Jay Ward Studio's breakfast cereal commercials
A book about the making of the Marx Brother's final film
A book about one of TV's first children's programs
A fiction chapter book about a cat who lives in a nursing home
A children's book about fishermen who capture a huge shrimp
A young reader chapter book adventure
A book about silent film comedian John Bunny
A book about the early life of animator Winsor McCay
The biography of Grindhouse filmmaker Ted. V. Mikels
A book about the Happy Hooligan animated cartoon series
A book about fake news involving the Titanic disaster

A bad cover turns off potential buyers!

The digital world has created a user-friendly environment for writers to become published authors. Individuals routinely self-publish books using Amazon CreateSpace and other printing resources such as The Book Patch. While writers typically have no problem uploading a word document or composing their books in InDesign or Adobe Publisher, many do not have Adobe Photoshop or know how to use it to design a professional looking book cover.

And some, even if they do have Adobe Photoshop, are not artists or designers who have an eye for creating an appealing book cover.

That's where I come in. My name is Kevin Scott Collier, and I have self-published over 60 books, all available at Amazon. Every one of these books I designed the actual book cover, its' composition, and selected fonts, doing the typesetting. It's said you can't judge a book by its' cover, but I do know one thing, a book's cover is the first thing a customer sees. Amateurish book covers scream "self-published" and if the cover is bad, a potential customer can only imagine what quality the story will be inside.

I worked professionally for 34 years as a designer, artist, and illustrator in the publishing business. If you are interested in me designing a book cover for you, $25 does it. That's all. Leave that worry behind, and I'll come up with something nice, the correct size, and you'll start seeing a positive response to your book.

Terms and Guidelines

Covers created at this price assume a reasonable timeframe to create and complete. Let the designer create using your information provided. For more information, inquire. No hidden fee or extra cost, the completed cover is only $25.